Saturday, 12 June 2010

Back again. And twice as angry.

Okay here's the thing, this blog isn't working as it is and I've spent a long time going over it in my head and then I thought, what do I do every single day, without fail?
Becuase writing a blog about my everyday life is, as you know by now, pretty fucking boring and inconsistent. It's pretty much; get up, shower, eat, sit down at my laptop and watch tv shows, movies and anime until I go to bed. Rinse and repeat.

So I thought of you my avid (and probably imaginary) readers and the entertainment you skim from the bitter, angry snarls of almost comedy that I crank out fairly regularly.
And I decided to carry on, but change the format. 'TO WHAT???' I imagine you screaming at your monitors, tears of impotent rage coursing down your faces.

I'm going to start reviewing tv shows, films and anime. Pretty much whatever I happen to be watching at the time.
But this is the beginning, not the end, I'm going to start here and then try to move on to new and uncharted depths, namely a podcast, eventually. (Well, hopefully.)

I hope the few who may read this will keep on following.
Thanks, Max.

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