Monday, 22 March 2010

Step out of the rush for you

Eugh, complexity is complex.
You know when you hear some insanely good news but you know you can't do anything with it?
That was my day, after no sleep, more coffee than the human body can properly handle, a bacon and egg mcmuffin and a donut.

Sitting in Sainsburys at stupid early in the morning I was informed that on friday I was expected to come out on the town with my current coffee partners. I, of course, pleaded poverty, but upon hearing one name dropped, I hastily agreed.


A girl I had been infatuated with for quite some time, back in the heyday of going out drinking whenever possible.
She was beautiful, hilarious fun and a down to earth NUTTER!!! (Something I, at that time, found highly attractive.)
But for most of the time I have known her she has been in a relationship, which sucked for me. But then suddenly she was single, I made a clumsy attempt to dance with her one night, working on a great deal of misinformation from a 'buddy'. She disappeared into the crowd, and I left, dejected and lonely (Cliched I know but Fuck you!)
And then I dropped out of circulation, poverty yet again. And before I knew it I was thinking of her less and less, then she went off to Uni. Problem solved, probably won't see her again until she's happily shacked up with some philosophy student called Crispin or some such.

Then today happened, "Let's go to Plymouth, hang about, play some pool, have a couple of beers" was the enticing morsel that kept me from my bed.
It was only when we picked someone up along the way that it started to niggle at me, Plymouth, drinking etc etc.

Then there we are meeting up with some more people in a pub and lo and behold, there's Kate, words failed me but now all I can say is DAMN!!!!

Just DAMN!!!

So I'm doing my Marcel Marceau impression quietly tweaking and rolling cigarettes while Kate is doing her usual bubbly thing and I kept my head down.
Until "Hey guys did Craig tell you my news?" Kate chirped, I and most others looked on dumbfounded, she spent a few seconds admonishing Craig before spreading her arms wide, showing off her amazing...... t-shirt design. "I'm single again!" She trilled.

My heart soared and then crashed again. I suddenly didn't want to go out on friday. Me drunk is not a pretty sight and I have a habit of saying too much.

So the rest of the day consisted of me counting my money and seeing just how drunk I could get before it was time to go.

The answer, pretty hammered. I spent as little time as I could around Kate and the others, just milling around, and playing pool.
So after a while I felt just courageous enough to sit at the table with everyone else. It was alright, I could now enter into the banter without freezing up.

When my mate turned to me and said that Kate and everyone else had bailed on friday.

So I am happy again, I will now be able to go out and pre-order a copy of pokemon heart gold, go play Magic the gathering and not have to worry about saying the wrong thing and making an idiot of myself.

Or at least until she's back again. And I'd just gotten over her.

Next time you think your life sucks, think of me thinking of you and wondering why you got it so fucking easy!

Thanks for reading,
Fonch the Oracle.

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