Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Your new boyfriend wears girls pants

I haven't posted in a few days, thought I should clarify. I have a massive ulcer in my right cheek.
Disgusting, right? Yeah, it feels worse than it looks, surprisingly. It hurts to open my mouth, close my mouth, smile, chew, swallow, cough, yawn, sneeze, (Get it yet?).
So I haven't been sleeping so well recently. I've also been at my mums for the past week and a half, considering coming back here.
But then I think about how long she's gonna be this civil, it never really lasts with my mu, but at the moment, it may not need to, you see my friend Mike showed up here last night and he told me that a guy he knows, whose father owns a building company, is looking for a number of laborers.
Dirt and grime, back breaking menial work, it sounds like heaven to me. The pay sounds pretty damn good as well.
But Mike has this habit of making bold assumptions and making plans based on them and the way he talked last night it was like we already had the job.
It was hilarious to see, he had it planned out, hard work, slow nights, us in a place in Teignmouth, a place he already scouted out, (Bold assumptions....)

But according to him since it's his mates' dad's company, we already have the job and now its only a matter of time until we start working.

I don't want to be so skeptical, but this is not my year. Those of you who have read what lead up to this blog should know that life has straight up kicked me right square in the nuts with deadly accuracy at every chance.

So I'm skeptical, wouldn't you be?

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