Saturday, 20 March 2010

Whose Autopsy?

Instead I'm going to say something about the events leading up to this blog. Beginning at the beginning.

7/2/2010 - My own personal hell
It was a Sunday just like any other, and it was like that for only one reason, I never usually get any post.
So I woke up, shook away the remnants of sleep, showered, got dressed and got my stuff together for the day ahead. It was the Release party for Worldwake, the new Magic the Gathering expansion, a day of cards and laughs were ahead.
Jog was just rousing himself on my sofa, I left him there as I went downstairs and exchanged curt pleasantries with my mother, a day like any other.
She decided to tell me I had received a letter a few days before, I swallowed a snarl and went to collect it, it was from College, with no apprehension I opened it and scanned the contents. My heart froze 'We are dropping you from the access to higher education course effective immediately.'
In a word I was 'Fucked'.
I breezed through the rest of the day, receiving the best and most expensive cards from Worldwake and not being able to be excited about it, 'Dropped from the course' kept reverberating in my head like a death sentence. All I could think of was my Mothers rage and bile and my Fathers resigned disappointment.
I returned home late that night, having sold a couple of cards in order to fund a drinking binge. I wasn't even that drunk, though the time after the Release is a blur of bars and pubs, I remember spending all of my money and still not being drunk. It sucked.
So there I am sat in my room, alone, in the dark, cliched I know but it's what I did.
And suddenly the door to my room burst open and in she poured a venom filled typhoon fueled by two bottles of Hardys Semilion Chardonnay.
"You little bastard,"
"Lazy fucking shit"
They washed over me, every night was the same, she'd barge in and recycle the same old insults, each delivered with a spray of spittle and much waving and snarling. But tonight was different, I was done.
I made a decision, I was gone, she wasn't going to get the chance to try and pull me apart again.
When I was sure she was passed out I started.
I grabbed a bag, packed up my shit, rang a friend and I was gone before seven the next morning.
I was done with this idiotic life I had been leading.
I was gone from this house of pain and misery.

It was only six days until I returned.

13/02/2010 - My 20th birthday
Yeah, I came back for it. There were presents to be had and I am a shallow bastard.
I collected a bit of money, some chocolate, a couple of dvds and a t-shirt.
Everything was going alright, I was considering that maybe I had made a mistake.
The general plan for my family on a birthday is to go to the pub, so away we went, to the pub.
A few beers later I was feeling quite good, happily warm, chatting to my dad and watching the rugby.
It couldn't last, and once again my mother made her feelings known.
Snide remarks were the beginning, little things, then the slurred snarls. Insults, making sure that I knew she wasn’t happy.

So, my dad gave up and all but dragged her out of the pub, leaving me a few pints south of sober watching the rugby alone.

So I kept at it, a few phone calls later Jog arrived, at my behest, and we sat around I had another few beers and Jog had a coke. It was enjoyable.

But eventually the time came for heading back to my former home and collecting the last of my things before going back to my new lodgings.

When I arrived my mother was muttering into her third bottle of the day and my dad was quietly pottering about, doing his general thing.

So I left Jog in another room and sat my parents down and told them what had happened, what I thought of them and then I left.

I’m afraid that I don’t want to go into the details of what I said and what was drunkenly screamed back.

To be honest, I really didn’t like writing this. So I believe I won’t be writing like this again. No more sorrowful backstory, only wonderful stories of my drug-fuelled misadventures.

Thanks for reading,

Fonch the Oracle

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