Saturday, 17 April 2010

The loneliest Number

I went out last night. It's nearly 6 o'clock and I still feel pretty shit.
I'm watching Britains got Talent Best and Worst, waiting for half past six and DOCTOR MOTHERFUCKING WHO!!

But back to last night, I fucking hate people. Especially those who don't show up or show up 5 hours late then leave again straight away. So I spent all of last night all by my fucking lonesome and I am not good company.... I mean, ah fuck it. I got drunk, very drunk, woke up to a dog jumping on my chest and this wasn't even Lulu, it was a motherfucking spaniel, a fat one at that.
So, hungover, fat dog on chest, not allowed to smoke in this flat, my lift home has decided he can't be fucked and has returned to his foetid pit.

Eventually Vicky, god bless her, strong armed someone into driving me home. Heh. I went off and got breakfast at some random greasy spoon up the road from me. Filled myself with the most disgusting food I could have found this side of Albania and toddled off home.

But yeah, so I'm £10 poorer, which I was fucking surprised about but then again I was helping the bar staff out when it was rammed and subsequently got a few free drinks and a number of cut price ones. Then the pub shut, I helped clean up, earning myself another few free drinks. Finally left the pub at 3am. IT WAS A FUCKING DIAMOND NIGHT OUT!!!

Still fucked off at all those who didn't come out. YOU COCK SMOKING BAIL-MONKEYS!!!!

Oh I noticed something odd earlier on the tv, dominoes pizza, pepperoni passion in particular, the pepperoni is arranged in the shape of a cock. And if you don't believe me.....

So, a cock on a pizza and a foot that don't quite work anymore. Those are the things that weigh heavily at this point in time.

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