Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Me want cookie

I've been doing something odd recently.

Planning a story. I NEVER plan stories, I have an idea and I run with it until it falls apart. But here I am spending all day and night at the desk I made but never used before now, staring at my note covered wardrobe in wonder.

If my arsehole digital camera was working properly I'd post a picture of it, but as is I can't.

I have also found myself downloading way more than usual, 20 films and three different series. I'm drinking more coffee, staying up through the night, smoking way more than I should and smoking way too much.

I found that Castle is one of the best shows I have seen in ages.

Yeah so I'm downloading fucktons of shite, not sleeping, chugging coffee, smoking. I'm back to three years ago, which was my first foray into true writing, the dark and desolate path of the novelist.

But this time is much worse than before, becuase I'm going to have to do real research, this thing I have in mind is a bit more true to life than the Fantasy story I wrote before.

Hilariously, I sat down and read my novel 'A Time For Everything' and it's just as shit as I thought it was. Nearly 27,000 words of absolute bollocks. There were vampires, angels, werewolves, hunters, shape shifting shadow spirits. It was your general 17 year old fantasy bullshit.

Then college, chronic writers block and boredom killed it, thank fuck. If it had gotten published then I would have to kill myself.

But this idea has a school, gangs, murder, love, drugs and dubstep. So who the fuck knows if it'll be any good. I'll post some on here when I figure out how to start it.

Yeah, so that's what's going on with me at the minute.

Quick recap - Back at home, sat at desk, planning a novel, having three hour arguments about breadknives with my mum, drinking coffee, needing some class a drugs.
Judgement - Back to normal!

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