Saturday, 24 April 2010

Russian Test Pilots

I got three hours or fucking sleep. I stayed up until 6am writing a story, I think it's okay but I have no idea.
So anyway, finally passed out at 6am and then three hours and ten minutes later my mum burst into my room, yelled me out of bed. And then suddenly I ended up in the car on my way to an antiques fair. I still have no clue how my mum managed to get me in that car.
So anyway, I staggered into the hall and stuffed my hands in my pockets not trusting myself to touch anything. And music blaring in my ears I wearily looked around the hall, slowly falling back into the land of the living.
But as it transpired it wasn't a complete loss. I found a random badge.

Awesome huh? It's currently on my jeans.

I also managed to find a working torrent of The Maxx. Quite possibly the best thing mtv has produced. It's about a crazy homeless super hero called The Maxx. He's Big, He's purple, He's heroic.

Check that shit out, it's well worth it.

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